Monday, January 31, 2011

The Best of 2010-Top 10 Albums

Part 2 of my The Best of 2010 lists. This time, it is my Top 10 Albums of 2010 as well as the reasons why each album made the Top 10 list. These are all albums you should listen to!
  1. Born Again by Newsboys
  2. Tonight by TobyMac
  3. Rehab by Lecrae
  4. The Shelter by Jars of Clay
  5. And If Our God Is For Us… by Chris Tomlin
  6. Move by Third Day
  7. Light Meets The Dark by Tenth Avenue North
  8. Love Revolution by Natalie Grant
  9. The Chase by Manafest
  10. The Generous Mr. Lovewell by MercyMe
Born Again-Many people were interested to see what would happen to Newsboys after the departure of Peter Furler. Born Again settles all their fears. It is an amazing album that everyone needs to buy!
Tonight-Beginning with my number one single of 2010, Tonight is an awesome album with great songs. It is a mixture of rock, pop, and hip hop all on one CD! A great buy!
Rehab-Lecrae has become of the best Christian rappers of our time. His latest album was given perfect ratings by both Christian and secular websites. If you like rap, buy this album! You’ll love it!
The Shelter-I didn’t think that Jars of Clay could get any better than The Long Fall Back To Earth, but The Shelter is a good match for it. With just about every song containing a guest singer, you will love this cd!
And If Our God Is For Us…-Chris Tomlin has never failed to make great cds with great worship songs, and this album has lots of great stuff! Our God is already sung in tons of churches and expect to hear even more.
Move-Though none of the songs made the Top 10 Songs of 2010 list, this album is still a great one to listen to. It contains the favorites “Lift Up Your Face”, “Children of God”, and “Make Your Move”!
Light Meets The Dark-It was a hard choice for me as to whether I should put “Healing Begins” or “You Are More” on the Top 10 Songs list. These were both great songs and they show what this album is all about.
Love Revolution-Natalie Grant is on line to win another Best Female Vocalist of the Year Dove Award with this latest album. It has new singles as well as ones first sung by others, but she perfects them all!
The Chase-Manafest is one of the best white Christian rappers today! “No Plan B” and “Avalanche”, two songs from this cd, prove the fact, and this guy is so young, so he’s got a long and great future ahead of him.
The Generous Mr. Lovewell-None of it’s songs made the Top 10 list, but this is still a great album! The songs “All of Creation”, “This Life”, “The Generous Mr. Lovewell”, and  make this album worth listening to.
So, there are my Top 10 Albums of 2010, and that wraps up The Best of 2010 lists. Please comment let me know what your Top 10 Albums are, or just tell me some of your favorites of the year!


Anonymous said...

Awesome reviews Justin! I can't wait to read more from you!


Josh said...

Awesome top ten albms I love all of those albums :)

Here is my top ten albums.......

1. Tonight by tobyMac
2. Born Again by Newsboys
3. Move by Third Day
4. Light Up The Sky by The Afters
5. The Chase by Manafest
6. Light Meets The Dark by Tenth Avenue North
7. We Cry Out The Worship Project by Jeremy Camp
8. And If Our God Is For Us by Chris Tomlin
9. The Shelter by Jars Of Clay
10. Outta Space Love by Group 1 Crew

Justin Morden said...

Thank you, Alexander. I'm glad to have you reading my blog posts.

And Josh, those are some really awesome top 10 albums. I see that we have quite a few similarities in our favorites. :)

Josh said...

Justin we do have some similiar albums in the top ten albums list :)