Friday, January 28, 2011

Best of 2010-Top 10 Songs

I know it's late, but I will now show you my Best of 2010. This is Part 1 of my The Best of 2010 lists. Here are the Top 10 Songs of 2010 and the reasons why each song made the Top 10! If you have not listened to any of these songs, I highly recommend that you listen to them now!
  1. Tonight by TobyMac
  2. Born Again by Newsboys
  3. Awake And Alive by Skillet
  4. Our God by Chris Tomlin
  5. Shelter ft. Brandon Heath, Audrey Assad, and tobyMac,  by Jars of Clay
  6. Avalanche by Manafest
  7. Your Love by Brandon Heath
  8. High ft. Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock by Lecrae
  9. Hold Us Together by Matt Maher
  10. Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North
Tonight-TobyMac teams up with John Cooper from Skillet to bring this amazing song! John’s vocals just makes it so much better and the two prove to be a great duo. This is definitely the best song, as well as one of the catchiest songs, of the year!

Born Again-With Peter Furler gone, many thought that Newsboys would go downhill with their music. The song Born Again proved them all wrong! This is a great song, and it is what made me change my mind and go out and buy the record.

Awake And Alive-The album Comatose had many singles, so it is no surprise that Awake is getting a lot as well. Awake And Alive is the third single from the record and is the first to have a strings section in it. It makes for a great rock song!

Our God-Chris Tomlin has never failed with his music. Our God was immediately a favorite in churches all around America. The lyrics is great and the song talks about just what our God is. He is greater than all things and all people!

Shelter-Jars of Clay delivered with an amazing album last year, The Long Fall Back To Earth. The Shelter’s songs are just as meaningful and just as good! This song, Shelter, has a great tune and is one of my all time favorites from the band!

Avalanche-Canada native Manafest began singing when he was a teen. This hip hop/rock style song is very catchy with good lyrics as well. Though the man’s white, his voice still goes perfectly with his songs, just like TobyMac.

Your Love-I first began to like Brandon Heath after hearing his song Give Me Your Eyes. Your Love is another great song from him! The tune is almost as catchy as Give Me Your Eyes is, and the lyrics are even better.

High-Lecrae is really making a name of himself. The rapper’s latest album, Rehab, has been rated as one of the best Christian rap albums ever made! Lecrae is giving Christian Rap a much better name and this song is one of the reasons why.

Hold Us Together-Matt Maher made a name of himself with Your Grace is Enough. Then, this year, his new single Hold Us Together reached high spots on the Christian Music charts. This is a great song that I myself requested radio stations to play.

Healing Begins-With By Your Side, Tenth Avenue North introduced themselves to the public. But that song is nothing compared to this new song. I enjoyed it so much and even downloaded it off the internet to listen to more!

So, there is my Top 10 Songs of 2010 list! What is your Top 10 Songs of the year, or do you just have some favorites you would like to mention? Please comment and let me know!


Anonymous said...

What a great list! You've got a little of everything in there! =)

Josh said...

Awesome top ten list. I love all of those songs. Here is my top ten songs.........

1. Tonight by tobyMac with John Cooper from Skillet
2. Jesus Freak by Newsboys with KJ-52
3. Light Up The Sky by The Afters
4. Lift Up Your Face by Third Day
5. Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North
6. Overcome by Jeremy Camp
7. Our God by Chris Tomlin
8. You Are My Passion by Jesus Culture
9. Fight Another Day by Addison Road
10. No Plan B by Manafest

Justin Morden said...

Thank you, Jay! And thanks, Josh! That's a really cool top 10 list you got there as well!