Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free Hawk Nelson Download

Newreleasetuesday.com is the largest Christian social networking site as well as one of the largest Christian music sites. They give away free music every week to all the members the site. This week, you can download "Skeleton" from Hawk Nelson's latest CD Crazy Love as well as listen to the entire album for free all week! If you aren't yet a member, I highly suggest that you sign up today!


Josh said...

I already got that song from Hawk Nelson a long time ago so I won't be download it. I did see the new Hawk Nelson album was the album preview for this week on NRT. That is real awesome. You can also listen to the new album and watch the new music video for Crazy Love on HearItFirst.com too :)

Justin Morden said...

Yeah, I also downloaded it a while ago, but I just assumed that maybe other ppl didn't. :) Thats awesome. I didn't know that hearitfirst.com also had a listening party for it. Thanks for the info!

Josh said...

Well I hope other people download it as it is a awesome song from Hawk Nelson :) now you know about the listening party for the new album on Heatitfirst.com so I hope you can check it out real soon and your welcome for the info :)