Thursday, February 3, 2011

Album Review: "Restored" by Jeremy Camp

Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Genre: Adult Contemporary/Pop/Rock

Jeremy Camp released his album Restored back in 2004. The album became a hit with four radio singles! I was given this CD by my good friend as a birthday present this year. I listened to it two times in a row, because it was so good!

The album begins with the title track "Restored". It's a song about, you guessed it, being restored by God. Jeremy sings, "You have restored me from my feeble and broken soul." It is a good song to kick off the album. Next on Restored comes the favorite "Take You Back". It is an upbeat song about God taking us back even after all the struggles we've been through and the things we've done, as one line in the song says "When I fall I bring Your name down, but I have found in You a heart that bleeds forgiveness..."

"Take You Back" is followed by the slower song "Even When", but the tempo is raised again with my person favorite "Lay Down My Pride"! The song adds some more rock flavor to the CD and the
meaning of the song is quite obvious. In the great chorus, Jeremy says to God, "Lay down my pride! My desires! My demise! Ready now to see it your way."

The fifth track on the CD, "My Desire", is a very slow song with strong lyrics, though musically, it could have used some more work. It is followed by another slow track "Be The One", and this one has a much better tune. "Everything" is a song with a good beat and a good message about God being there when we all out to Him for help. Take the first line of the chorus-"Every time I'm on my knees pleading for your strength, I will find You there"-and you know what this song is all about.

The next song, "Letting Go", is another good tune, and it is followed by the single "Breathe". Jeremy simply asks God to breathe the "Breath of life" into him. He also says, "And I know the source of life are the very words You give."

After "Breathe" comes yet another single and another favorite of mine, "This Man". Jeremy is singing about Jesus and how He cared for us so much that He died for us. But Jeremy also asks the interesting question in the chorus, "Would you take the place of this man? Would you take the nails from His hands?". I found this to be quite intruiging why he would ask it, but I think Jeremy is trying to show just how much Jesus did for us by dying for our sins and how hard of a thing it would be for us to do.

The last two songs, "Innocence" and "Nothing Else", are both slower songs, but I'd like to focus on the last one. In "Nothing Else", Jeremy boldly states that God is all he needs and that he needs nothing else. He states in the chorus, "You fill my life. You're everything to me. There's nothing else I need anymore." "Nothing Else" is actually not as slow as one would expect from a final track and the tune is not bad at all. It is a good finish to the album.

Restored is a great album from a great singer. It has all my favorites from Jeremy Camp and it even won him the Male Vocalist of the Year Award in the Dove Awards for two years in a row! Restored is a CD that all Christian music fans need to have.

Top 3 Songs:

  1. Lay Down My Pride
  2. Take You Back
  3. This Man


  1. Restored
  2. Take You Back
  3. Even When
  4. Lay Down My Pride
  5. My Desire
  6. Be the One
  7. Everytime
  8. Letting Go
  9. Breathe
  10. This Man
  11. Innocence
  12. Nothing Else I Need


Josh said...

Awesome album from Jeremy Camp I love it :)

Looking forward to your review of the Comatose album from Skillet :)

Justin Morden said...

Thanks, Josh! I really liked the album too! My review for Comatose will be coming up soon. :)

Josh said...

Your welcome Justin I am glad you like that album :)

Looking forward to that Skillet album review for Comatose. I am sure you like that album too :)

Mike said...

I like that album. I totally agree with your top favorite, "Lay Down My Pride." Love that one!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great CD! I will have to listen to it soon!


Mr. T said...

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Alexander said...

Thats me. Pleased to meet the inventor of the light-bulb.

Anonymous said...

PWAAHAHA you guys are funny.
-Grace Kelly...