Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Header!!!

Check it out, everyone! Justin's Christian Music Spot has got a new custom header! A big thanks to my friend Mike of He made the entire thing! I wouldn't have been able to do that myself at all. And I totally encourage you to go check out his awesome blog! He's a very cool guy! :)


Mike said...

Thanks, man! I really appreciate that! It was actually fun to make! :D

Renee said...

Awesome header! As usual, Just2Techy saves the day! :) He made my header and a really nice button I'm going to use on my blog! He does fine work! :) I also love how your header matches the (perfect) background! Looks fabulous!

Justin Morden said...

You're welcome, Mike. Thank YOU! :)

Thanks, Renee. Mike is awesome! And yur right, the header actually does match the background.

Josh said...

Awesome header I love it :)