Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Album Review: "Born Again" by Newsboys

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Genre: Pop/Rock/R&B
In March of 2009, Peter Furler announced to everyone that he was officially leaving the Newsboys to spend more time with family and God. He also announced that Michael Tait, formerly from DC Talk, would be taking over as lead singer for the Newsboys.
Later in that year, Michael Tait and the Newsboys announced that they were working on a new album with Tait as lead singer. Everyone waited to see how the album would turn out. I myself did not think I would like it. Newsboys is my favorite band, but nevertheless, I did not know what to expect from Tait.
Well, on July 13, 2010, the long awaited Newsboys album was finally released. This may have even been the most highly awaited album in all Christian music for this year. After hearing the title track “Born Again” earlier back in January, I changed my mind and decided to buy the album and take my chances! It was a great buy! Born Again is full of upbeat hits that any music lover is sure to enjoy!
Born Again begins with the title track “Born Again”. This song is already a favorite on all Christian radio stations and has hit the top of the charts everywhere. I really liked this song as the meaning is obvious and such a good one! One line goes, “Giving Him the best of everything that’s left of the life inside this man. I’ve been born again!” That sums up most of what the song is about.
The next hit off the record comes right after “One Shot” and is track three, “Way Beyond Myself.” This song has a bit more DC Talk sound added to it than the other tracks do. I really enjoyed it,
especially with the addition of some female background vocals during the bridge and final chorus. After listening to this track once, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head!
“When The Boys Light Up” kicks up the speed after the much slower song “Impossible.” This is a great, catchy song. The lyrics are full of funny clich├ęs, but the song stands strong! This is another favorite that people are sure to enjoy.
Newsboys are known for the worship songs they always include in their albums. Born Again has two songs that fit the genre. First, at track six is “Build Us Back”. This is a song not written by the Newsboys, but they do a great job on it. The tune is very pleasant and Tait’s voice, in my opinion, is perfect for the song. The chorus lyrics are “When the thief takes, when our hopes cave, You build us back. You build us back. When the earth shakes, when the world breaks, You build us back. You build us back.” As you can see, the song sends out a great message.
After the catchy and rapid song “Escape” comes the second biggest hit on the album, “Miracles”. The song meaning is simple, as Tait sings about believing in miracles. The bridge has a strong message when Tait sings, “There’s something that’s missing if we can’t recognize that our own existence is the miracle before our eyes.”
After two slower songs, “Running to You” and “On Your Knees”, Newsboys begin to close the album with my favorite worship song, “Mighty to Save”! In my opinion, this is a perfect choice by Newsboys for a worship song. Their version of the song has become one of my favorite versions I have ever heard!
Finally, Newsboys surprises everyone with the final song, “Jesus Freak”! It features KJ-52 in place of tobyMac for the rapping and finishes off the album on an upbeat note!
Born Again turned out to be much better than I ever expected it to be! I have to admit, I expected a big turn of genre, but Michael Tait succeeds in keeping the Pop Rock sound as well as adding his own style into it. When these two genres mix together, they make the current Newsboys style which is shown to be amazing through this album Born Again! However the song “Impossible” seems like it could have been made better and Jesus Freak, of course, can never be the same without tobyMac. Still, Born Again is a strong hit with great pop rock songs and perfect choices of worships songs, and it is a must have for all Newsboys fans and Christian Music fans alike!
Top 3 Tracks:
  1. Born Again
  2. Way Beyond Myself
  3. Miracles

  1. Born Again
  2. One Shot
  3. Way Beyond Myself
  4. Impossible
  5. When The Boys Light Up
  6. Build Us Back
  7. Escape
  8. Miracles
  9. Running To You
  10. On Your Knees
  11. Mighty To Save
  12. Jesus Freak (feat. KJ-52)


Mike said...

I really like that CD, too. It's not quite the same without Peter Furler, but it still is a great album.

Justin Morden said...

I agree. Newsboys isn't the same without Peter Furler. Also they doesn't have enough Australians in the band anymore, but they are still great! :)

Josh said...

Awesome album from Newsboys. It is one of my favorite albums from 2010. Good review too.

Justin Morden said...

Thank you, Josh!

Josh said...

Your welcome Justin :)