Tuesday, February 1, 2011

tobyMac: "Moving Pictures" Video Review

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Genre: Music Videos/Live
TobyMac has made many music videos, and all of them good ones. Now, you can have them all in one bundle! Toby put all his official music videos and a few live videos, plus two special director’s vids, onto this one DVD, Moving Pictures-’11 Moving Pictures Made to Move You’! This DVD does just what it promises; it makes you want to get up and move!
The DVD starts off with the hit song Tonight. Unfortunately, it does not have John Cooper of Skillet in the video (as it turns out, it was difficult just finding time for him to record the song with them), but it is still a great video and features clips with Toby as well as clips from live performances! After “Tonight” is the much slower song “Lose My Soul”. I found it interesting that they would put the slow song right after the fastest song on the DVD, but it still fits in well and is a very good music video. It shows TobyMac in a pawnshop and also features Kirk Franklin and Mandisa as well.The next video is actually a live performance of Made To Love from the Alive and Transported DVD of the Portable Sounds Tour. It is a good video though I find that the live performance of the song shows how soft the song really is.Moving Pictures returns to an upbeat tone with “Boomin”. This was one of my favorite videos on the DVD. It is a party video with Toby and the Diverse City Band singing in front of a small crowd in a dance area. The best part is that Shonlock has a rap section in it towards the end which makes the video even better! “Feelin’ So Fly” comes next and is a fun video with just one camera shot in a hallway. The video was filmed while on tour and features special appearances from the members of Building 429, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Family Force 5. The next video, Ignition, is another live video from Alive and Transported and is much better than Made To Love! The song is upbeat and very great when performed live! After this, we finally get to Toby’s most famous song, “Gone”. The video is very well done and is the only music video from the album Welcome to Diverse City. Following “Gone” is a live video of another favorite from Toby, “The Slam”. Though not made into a music video, despite its popularity, this song is still great as a live video. It is one of my favorite songs from Toby!The last three music videos on Moving Pictures are from TobyMac’s first album, Momentum. First comes the soft “Irene”, a famous song from the record. The next two, Get This Party Started and Extreme Days, are very upbeat. In Extreme Days, Toby is portrayed as a bionic man who is being hunted by a killer. The video ends with Toby confronting the killer in the end, but no one has attacked yet.Along with the main videos are two bonus videos made by directors and not featuring TobyMac at all. They were inspited by the directors’ creativity alone. “Showstopper” features kids getting ready for a water gun fight and eventually ending with them spraying each other. “City On Our Knees” is an animated video which was used as a backdrop by TobyMac in his concerts while he sang that song.
Moving Pictures has got to be the best buy of 2010! This is an excellent DVD to have playing while your working out or even if you just want to relax and watch a great video. Though I warn you, if you’re sitting down while you are watching it, be ready to eventually get up and start moving, because you won’t be able to help yourself!
Top 3 Videos:
  1. Tonight
  2. Boomin’
  3. Get This Party Started
  1. Tonight
  2. Lose My Soul
  3. Made To Love
  4. Boomin’
  5. Feelin’ So Fly
  6. Ignition
  7. Gone
  8. The Slam
  9. Irene
  10. Get This Party Started
  11. Extreme Days
Bonus Videos:
12.  Showstopper
13.  City On Our Knees


Anonymous said...

I loved that DVD! Great item for any Christian music fan to add to their collection. =)

Josh said...

Awesome DVD from tobyMac I love it. Awesome review too.

Justin Morden said...

Jay, i totally agree with you! :)

Thanks, Josh! It was definitely my best buy of 2010!

Josh said...

Your welcome Justin

It is the best DVD for 2010 :)

summergirl4god said...

In the video Lose My Soul, where TobyMac is working at the pawnshop, does anyone know who the guy is that buys the gun? He looks really familiar.

Justin Morden said...

@summergirl4god, sorry I don't know who he is, but I agree, he does look familiar. Unfortunately, I can't find any info giving me the answer to who he is.