Thursday, March 31, 2011

Giveaway: Four Albums from Jay's Musik Blog

My pal Jay at Jay's Musik Blog is giving away more albums, only this time, he has FOUR different giveaways going on at once! Right now, you can enter all four of his giveaways:
Josh Wilson's See You Project
THREE of Mary Mary's Something BIG Project
Rebecca St. James' I Will Praise You Project
FM Static's My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go Project

To enter, just go here and follow his links! You can win up to two giveaways at once. The giveaways end April 20, so hurry!

Free Music: March Music Madness

Check this out! Reach Records (the Christian Hip Hop record label that consists of singers such as Lecrae and Trip Lee) is giving you two special albums for free!
1. PSA Vol. 2 by PRO
2. Who is KB? by KB
PRO and KB have been featured on songs by Lecrae and similar artists. To download these two albums for free, just go here and enter your email address and click download!

Note: There is a third album in the March Madness, a two song sampler by Trip Lee. However, this can only be bought on iTunes and does not come free.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Music: Facedown Records 2011 Sampler

Facedown Records - Facedown Fest 2011 SamplerRight now, you can get 17 songs from Facedown Records for free! That's right! They are giving away 17 songs from 17 different bands on Amazon right now for yours free! If you like hard rock, punk, and metal, than this is the sampler for you. Get Facedown Fest 2011 Sampler here. Thanks to CCM Singles for the tips!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free Album Preview: Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, and FM Static

Born Again: Miracles EditionOkay, so right now you can listen to three different albums before they are released! First of all, for all member of New Release Tuesday, you can listen to the entire Born Again: Miracles Edition by Newsboys which doesn't release until April 5! If you are not a member, registering is easy and absolutely free. Just go here to begin. If you do not want to register, you can also go to their Facebook page and "like" the page to preview the album.

Rebecca St. James is letting you listen to her entire upcoming album I Will Praise You. Go here and just enter your email to listen to the first three tracks and share about it on Facebook or Twitter to here the rest of the album. It's that easy!

FM Static - My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! (2011)Finally, you may have heard of FM Static. It's a side project by Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine from Thousand Foot Krutch. FM Static has similar sounds to TFK and the new album that you can now preview before its official release is awesome! Just go here and give them your email address and share about it on Facebook or Twitter to listen to the entire album for free!

Enjoy your free previews! And thanks for my buddy Josh for the tips about all the previews.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Song/Video of the Week: "Tonight" by tobyMac

Here's an awesome song from tobyMac and one of my personal favorites from him. If you read my Best of 2010 lists, you'll know that this was my number 1 song of the year! Check out the video for it!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Artist Alert: New Guitarist for Skillet

Photo retrieved from God Tunes Reviews
Skillet has chosen their new guitarist! Jonathan Salas debuted as the new guitarist for Skillet last night on March 25, replacing the former guitarist Ben Kasica who performed his last concert with the band on March 20. Here is some information about Jonathan Salas retrieved from his Myspace page.

A musical prodigy, Jonathan Salas could play piano, drums, and guitar by the ripe old age of 8 and was writing songs at the early age of 12. At 16, Jonathan Salas Band won third place in a national band competition sponsored by Gospel Music Association’s Seminar in the Rockies. He went back the next year and the group was the most awarded group at GMA Music in the Rockies, Estes Park CO. He gained national attention at the Gospel Music Association's “Music in the Rockies” in Estes Park, Colorado where he and his band won top honors as the “Spotlight Band Grand Prize Winner”. Jonathan also won 2nd and 3rd place in the pop/rock songwriting competition with "Check Out 9" and "Summers Fade" while receiving rave reviews from professional songwriters. In addition, an accomplished guitarist, Jonathan won second place in the national overall instrumental competition. 

These accolades caught the attention of several major record labels. After signing with a major record label a four song EP produced by Peter Kipley (Mercy Me, Robert Randolph, The Afters) and mixed by Reid Shippen (Third Day, Relient K) and Joe Baldridge (dcTalk, TobyMac) was released with "Feel Like Flying" hitting rock radio. Soon after that Jonathan was back in the studios with producer Paul Ebersold (3 Doors Down, Sister Hazel, Third Day, Skillet). 

Jonathan has led worship for small groups, retreats, and large congregations (10,000 in one weekend). As a gifted guitarist, Jonathan has been privileged to tour with Disciple as their lead guitarist. Some of Jonathan’s special moments have been sharing the stage with great artists such as Salvador, Building 429, Pillar, Leeland, Circleslide and other extremely talented artists. His most recent highlight was opening for Stryper on their 25th Anniversary Tour at the House of Blues - Houston and the House of Blues - Dallas. 

Jonathan Salas combines powerful vocals with heavy guitar licks making his live shows energetic. Jonathan's stage performance proves his excellent musical dexterity and professional showmanship. His blistering guitar solos are his trademark. A gifted guitarist and songwriter, Jonathan connects with any size audience through his passionate live shows. His musical influences come from legends such as: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, James Taylor, Paul McCartney, and Eric Clapton.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Album Review: "Awake and Remixed EP" by Skillet

File:Awake And Remixed.jpg
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Genre: Rock/Electro Rock/Remix

After their big success with Awake (which still holds a spot on the Billboard 200 after 80+ weeks), Skillet comes out with their first remix album, Awake and Remixed EP. The album was inspired from the remix of "Monster" that Ben Kasica and Korey Cooper has put together for the intro to the Skillet podcasts, and when fans got excited, the band decided to carry this further. Awake and Remixed EP contains remixes of four of the tracks from Awake.

The album begins with "Awake and Alive (The Quickening)," the remix of the hit song "Awake and Alive." The song has lots of strings and piano in it and is a much softer version of the original, but that softness adds a great new touch to the song. I enjoyed listening to this version a lot, and if you like music with strings in it, then you'll love this song.

Track two is "Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix)." The song has a new electric sound added to it and the intro is changed, beginning with some vocal clips with new music before going into the

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Music: "Save Your Life" by Newsboys

Born Again: Miracles EditionNewsboys's new album Born Again: Miracles Edition hits stores March 29, but they are giving away a free song right now! Download "Save Your Life" for free as well as check out their new e-card for their upcoming tour "The Born Again Experience" right here! And be sure to share the e-card to all your friends on Facebook. By the way, this song rocks, and the chorus is awesome! Read my previous blog post to find out how to win a copy of the album for free!

Giveaway: "Born Again: Miracles Edition" via Duncan Phillips Facebook

For all you Newsboys fans, Duncan Phillips (drummer) is giving away Newsboys's new upcoming album Born Again: Miracles Edition to a lucky fan(s). I'll him explain. Here's what he said on his Facebook status:

Post this as your status update! Be sure to tag Duncan Phillips for your chance to win Newsboys new 'Miracles Edition' 'Born Again" record:
"So stoked 4 u to hear the brand new 'Miracles Edition' of Born Again! 5 unreleased songs+4 killa remixes! Drops April 5! 20 songs total"

To those who may not know how to tag someone, all you have to do is first "like" his page and then type "@Duncan Phillips" anywhere in your status (preferably the very beginning or end). Good luck!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free Music: Brenton Brown downloads

I just found out about Brenton Brown recently from a friend of mine, and he's a good singer! What's even better is that you can download two of his songs from his latest album Our God is Near for free right now!
First, download "Joyful", his current single which (as the Gospel Music Channel states) "puts a driving, modern spin on the famous hymn." Get it here.
Second, you can get Brenton Brown's other song "Our God Is Mercy" here. Enjoy your downloads!

Album Review: "Rehab" by Lecrae

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Before releasing his 2010 album Rehab, Lecrae had already made a name of himself in the world of Christian hip hop. His single "Don't Waste Your Life" from Rebel was amazing and gave Christian rap a better name. Then, two years later, Lecrae came back with the album Rehab that was expected by everyone to further prove to everyone that Christian rap is not mediocre. I was not able to buy this album until this year. It was a long expected wait for me and I was so excited to finally listen. I had high expectations, and now I'll let you know if Rehab met them.

Rehab begins with the rap song "Check In" that will instantly get your head bobbing and asking for more. Basically, the song gives you insight of what the album is all about. Lecrae speaks about the addictions he has and says he is ready for (you guessed it) rehab. The next track "Killa" speaks of the evil that is trying to seduce us to sin. Lecrae sings, "Evil looks so lovely covered in her lace of lies."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Just for Fun: MercyMe song cover/TobyMac "Tonight" LEGO music video

Here are a couple fun videos that I saw on Facebook recently and decided to share with you. The first is "Ob-la-di, ob-la-di" cover by MercyMe along with friends from the Rock and Worship Roadshow 2011. The video features MercyMe, Jars of Clay, Matt Maher, Thousand Foot Krutch, The Afters, Lecrae, and more friends of MercyMe singing in a hallway. It's really funny.
The second video is a LEGO music video of "Tonight" by Tobymac that someone skillfully put together. It's really awesome. Check it out!

Song/Video of the Week: "My Own Little World" by Matthew West

Here's a song from Matthew West's latest album Story Of Your Life. I loved "My Own Little World" after listening to it just once over the radio, but I hadn't seen the music video yet. (Actually, I didn't even know the video existed.) Just recently my friend told me about the video and I watched it and really liked! So, this song/video is this week's song/video of the week. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Music: "Shine Your Glory Down" by Rebecca St. James

Rebecca St. James's new album I Will Praise You hits stores on April 5, and she is offering a free download to all her fans right now! Her song "Shine Your Glory Down" which will be on her new album can be downloaded for free right here. All you have to do is "like" her page! Also, you can listen to the entire album for free right now by going to her listening party page here. Do listen, first give her your email to listen to the first three tracks and share about it on Facebook or Twitter to listen to the rest of the album! Big thanks to my friend Josh for the tips!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free Music: "Made for You" by Building 429

Building 429 is releasing a new album on May 10, 2011. The record will be called Listen to the Sound, and you can get one of the tracks right now for free! That's right! Go here and like their Facebook page to download "Made for You" for free! Thanks to Jay's Music Blog for the tips! Also, you may notice that Building 429 has a new bassist named Aaron Branch! And don't forget to go their website to listen to their title track "Listen to the Sound" which is available for download on iTunes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artist Alert: Skillet's single "Awake and Alive" hits #1 on Mainstream Active Rock Radio!

"Awake and Alive" has become Skillet's first single to reach #1 on Mainstream Active Rock Radio! John Cooper commented concerning this news saying, "You know, the ride we've been on with this album has just been beyond incredible, and to have this song in particular hit #1 makes it even more so since it's about living what you believe. For it to have become such a hit, well, it's just beyond anything I could have imagined." To read the full story, go here to Skillet's announcement on their Facebook page.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Song/Video of the Week: "Children of God" by Third Day

Third Day's latest music video is for their song "Children of God." I liked this song the first time I listened to it, and the music video is really good too! Third Day seems to do a good job when making music videos, and they do not disappoint with this one. Check it out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Exclusive: Listen to Peter Furler's single "Reach" before it comes to radio!

That's right! You can listen to Peter Furler's upcoming single "Reach" before it comes to radio! Just go to his Facebook page and click the "BandPage" tab on the left and scroll down to play his song. Thanks to my pal Josh for letting me know about this! Oh, and be sure to click the "share track" button on the page to let all your friends know about it, and don't forget to tell them to check out my blog! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Song of the Month-"This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli

Announcement! I'm starting a new feature to this blog called "Song of the Month!" At the start of every month, I will give you my favorite radio single from the month before. So, to begin, the song of the month for February is "This is the Stuff" by Francesca Battistelli! I'm sure most of you have listened to it, but if you haven't or just want to listen to it again (it is worth the replays by the way), here it is off Youtube. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Concert Review: Chris Tomlin "Hello Love Tour"

After writing my recent review for the Chris Tomlin album, I decided that I would post this review for the "Hello Love Tour" that I attended back in September of 2010. This is the first concert review I ever wrote, so it is mediocre, but I want to post it anyway.

I was at the Chris Tomlin concert last night at the new Consol Energy Center, here in Pittsburgh, PA! It was AWESOME!!! First, Kristian Stanfill and his band came out and opened up the concert for Chris. They sang a few songs, ending with Jesus Paid it All, a hymn. Then, there was a 15 minute intermission. 
After the 15 minutes were up, all the lights went out except for one soft, blue light that shone towards the stage. Everyone began to cheer as they knew that the concert was about to get underway! A minute later, the dark figure of Chris Tomlin could be seen running onto the stage. Everyone went wild with cheers and clapping! The intro to Our God began and then a spotlight came down on Chris Tomlin as he began singing the first verse. When the chorus began, more lights turned on and the entire stage and crowd could be seen! Everyone was clapping and cheering and singing along with Chris. After Our God, Chris moved onto Sing Sing Sing which got everyone even more excited! We were jumping up and down and Chris even asked everyone to start dancing during the song! 

After the song was over, Chris's new song I Will Follow began! It is one of my favorites and I was really happy to hear it! Then he sang Jesus Messiah! After that, he moved on to Your Grace is Enough, a great worship song.
After those first four songs, Chris Tomlin switched to slower rhythm songs such as I Will Rise and Amazing Grace. During this period, he also sang the worship songs Forever, Holy is the Lord, and How Great is Our God. He finished the concert with Indescribable and then left the stage.
There was a loud, long cheer afterwards as the crowd called for a Curtain Call. Finally, Chris returned as sang one more song-God of This City. He also sang the bridge and chorus of Our God afterwards to the same rhythm of God of This City. That finally ended the concert after Chris Tomlin thanked everyone. 

Altogether, I had a great time at the concert! Chris Tomlin is an amazing singer! I'd like to thank 101.5 WORD-FM for doing a ticket giveaway in which I won four tickets. I'd also like to thank God especially for making me win the tickets. And thank you, Chris Tomlin, for a great concert!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Song/Video of the Week: "Monster" by Skillet

After posting about the upcoming Skillet remix album, I really feel like listening to Skillet music this week. Thus, this week's song/video is from Skillet! Here's my favorite track "Monster" off their latest record Awake! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Album Review: "And If Our God Is For Us..." by Chris Tomlin

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Genre: Worship/Adult Contemporary

After Chris Tomlin released his famous single "Our God" on the Passion: Awakening CD, the release of his next album became highly anticipated by all Christian music fans. Finally, after much waiting, And If Our God Is For Us... finally hit stores! I was blessed to win this CD from my local radio station 101.5 WORD-FM and I am now able to give you my own take on the album.
And If Our God Is For Us... opens with the studio version of the highly popular song "Our God." The intro is a little different from the live version and Tomlin slightly changes the pitch of his singing in some parts of the last chorus, but these changes do not make the song sound any worse. In fact, I think that it makes it even better in some ways.
The first single from this album, "I Will Follow", comes next. It sends a great message from Chris

Artist Alert: Skillet Remix Album hits stores March 22nd!

That's right! Skillet is coming out with their first remix album ever! The Awake And Remixed EP will hit stores March 22nd! This EP will contain remix versions of some of their songs (including "Awake And Alive" and "Monster") from the Gold labeled album Awake. The album art has already been released (picture on the left) and more details will come soon! Some of the remix of the song "Monster" has already been released to the public as an intro to Skillet's recent podcasts. Stay tuned for more information about this project as it comes!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Artist Alert: New Music from Peter Furler coming soon!

Big news! Peter Furler, the former lead singer and frontman of the Newsboys, is writing new music! His first solo single "Reach," off his upcoming album On Fire, will be released to radio on March 25 and will be available on iTunes on April 19! The album itself will hit stores June 7, 2011! Peter has also signed with Sparrow Records in the EMI Christian Music Group. I want to give a big thanks to my good friend Josh for letting me know about this! Also, be sure to check out Peter Furler's website and official Facebook page!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Song/Video of the Week: "Miracles" by Newsboys

I introduced to you this new music video last week and I'm going to use it as this week's song/video of the week. Enjoy some more! :)