Friday, March 25, 2011

Album Review: "Awake and Remixed EP" by Skillet

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Rating: 4/5 Stars
Genre: Rock/Electro Rock/Remix

After their big success with Awake (which still holds a spot on the Billboard 200 after 80+ weeks), Skillet comes out with their first remix album, Awake and Remixed EP. The album was inspired from the remix of "Monster" that Ben Kasica and Korey Cooper has put together for the intro to the Skillet podcasts, and when fans got excited, the band decided to carry this further. Awake and Remixed EP contains remixes of four of the tracks from Awake.

The album begins with "Awake and Alive (The Quickening)," the remix of the hit song "Awake and Alive." The song has lots of strings and piano in it and is a much softer version of the original, but that softness adds a great new touch to the song. I enjoyed listening to this version a lot, and if you like music with strings in it, then you'll love this song.

Track two is "Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix)." The song has a new electric sound added to it and the intro is changed, beginning with some vocal clips with new music before going into the
original instrumental. Jen Ledger's vocals are slightly tweaked, but I like the change. Also, before the bridge, Ben gets a small solo, which is really just the main instrumental from the beginning, but it sounds nice to have it coming before the bridge as well as after it.

Following the first two songs is a remix of the ballad "Don't Wake Me" from Awake. The remix "Don't Wake Me (Pull Remix)" has a mysterious and darker intro and John Cooper's voice is a little echoey in the verses. The remixed chorus sounds great with the addition of soft, pleasant strings and synthesizers. This remix of "Don't Wake Me" in some ways sounds even better than the original version and it almost two minutes longer as well!

Awake and Remixed EP ends with "Monster (Unleash the Beast)," the extended version of the small remix made for the podcasts. There are new vocal additions from Jen singing lines from the chorus as well as new lines throughout the song. John's vocals are entirely remixed the entire song, there is an electro rock feel to the song, and the monster voice in the bridge comes as an even bigger surprise than it does in the original. "Monster (Unleash the Beast)" is definitely strong enough to compete with the original, "Monster." It has an entirely new feel to it, making it very worth listening to.

Since Skillet had never released a remix album before, I did not know what to expect from this EP, but I can tell you now, it was no disappointment at all. Awake and Remixed EP is a great album to listen to and one that you will be repeating over and over again. For all Panheads out there, this is an album that you cannot pass up on!

Best Track-Monster (Unleash the Beast)

  1. Awake and Alive (The Quickening)
  2. Hero (The Legion of Doom Remix)
  3. Don't Wake Me (Pull Remix)
  4. Monster (Unleash the Beast)

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Josh said...

Good album review I enjoyed it :) I did like the songs on I heard on YouTube :) I am sure I will be listening to them some time soon :)