Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Album Review: "Rehab" by Lecrae

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Before releasing his 2010 album Rehab, Lecrae had already made a name of himself in the world of Christian hip hop. His single "Don't Waste Your Life" from Rebel was amazing and gave Christian rap a better name. Then, two years later, Lecrae came back with the album Rehab that was expected by everyone to further prove to everyone that Christian rap is not mediocre. I was not able to buy this album until this year. It was a long expected wait for me and I was so excited to finally listen. I had high expectations, and now I'll let you know if Rehab met them.

Rehab begins with the rap song "Check In" that will instantly get your head bobbing and asking for more. Basically, the song gives you insight of what the album is all about. Lecrae speaks about the addictions he has and says he is ready for (you guessed it) rehab. The next track "Killa" speaks of the evil that is trying to seduce us to sin. Lecrae sings, "Evil looks so lovely covered in her lace of lies."
Female vocals in the chorus that play the role of evil adds to the effect in this that we can all relate to.

"Divine Intervention" has a theme of turning to God and giving up the other things that we trust in or that we want. A line in the chorus states "Everything that this heart longs for other than You I will let die." Track four, "Just Like You", has a special theme to it that relates to Lecrae's life. He sings about not having a father when he was young and looking for someone that he can look up to as a father figure, but the one he finds teaches him wrong things, but he is just happy to have someone he can try to be like. Then he find God Who is the Father he has been looking for, and Lecrae sings "I was created by God but I ain’t wanna be like Him, I wanna be Him." This powerful statement shows how much Lecrae wants to reflect God in his life.

"Gotta Know" is another good song with a great beat. It is followed by "Used To Do It Too" which is a heavy, upbeat song with a chorus that simply states "I used to do it too, but I'm changed, now I’m something different. I’m changed, I love the way I’m living. I’m changed, saved me from my own sin. I’m changed, I learned how to live again."

Next comes my favorite song of the entire album, "Children of the Light." The song has a reggae feel added to it. The theme is obvious as the song talks about how we are the "children of the light." Following this track is "High," another one of the best songs on the record. The song is about keeping your faith "high" as Suzy Rock sings in the chorus "I got my pride on low, faith-faith on high."

After the next track "New Shalom" comes another hit from Rehab, "40 Deep." The song features Trip Lee and Tedashii, two more rappers from the Christian hip hop group 116 Clique. Also, you may remember Trip Lee from the old Lecrae hit song "Jesus Muzik." With three of the best Christian rappers all singing on one track, you can guess why I like it so much. "Walking on Water" is about the strength God gives us. The following track, "God is Enough," is a dance/hip hop song featuring Flame that repetitively states in the chorus that "God is enough."

The last four tracks of Rehab go into a slower tone, but this does not at all mean that they are not good tracks. "Boasting," "New Reality," and "Release Date" provide some nice softness to the album, but the real outstanding track from these four songs is "Background." Featuring C-Lite in the chorus with Lecrae on the verses, the song is about standing back and letting God get all the glory while we "play the background." C-Lite sums up the entire song in the chorus, "I could play the background. I could play the background. Cause I know sometimes I get in the way. So won’t You take the lead, lead, lead? So won’t You take the lead, lead, lead? And I could play the background, background. And you could take the lead."

Finally, the album ends with the bonus track "I Love You." At the beginning of the song, Lecrae says, "Sometimes we get so addicted to self that, you don’t realize you hurting other people, specially the people you care the most about." I believe that Lecrae is speaking of his wife in this song as he mentions "girl" and "woman" in the lyrics. He talks about how much he cares about her and that he loves her. "I Love You" brings the beat up a little from the four songs before it and makes for a good ending to the album.

To many people, Christian Hip Hop has become known as bunch of wannabe rappers who will never make it to the top. Lecrae breaks those beliefs with his music. He proves that Christian Hip Hop is not something to be looked down upon, but is a rise of a new hit genre. As for this album, Rehab did not disappoint me at all during its entire 66+ minutes of music. I bought it to hear a great album, and that exactly what I got, a great album and more! This is great to listen to working out, running, or just sitting at home and in need of some good music. It is definitely worth buying. I gave it a full five out of five stars, something I rarely find myself doing. Get this album! You'll like it a lot!

Top 3 Tracks (Note: "Check In" is not listed as a nominee for this album's Top 3 Tracks list.)

  1. Children of the Light
  2. High
  3. Background


  1. Check In
  2. Killa
  3. Divine Intervention Ft. J.R.
  4. Just Like You Ft. J. Paul
  5. Gotta Know Ft. Benjah
  6. Used To Do It Too Ft. Kb
  7. Children of the Light Ft. Sonny Sandoval & Dillavou
  8. High Ft. Suzy Rock
  9. New Shalom Ft. Pro
  10. 40 Deep Ft. Tedashii & Trip Lee
  11. Walking On Water
  12. God Is Enough Ft. Flame & Jai
  13. Boasting Ft. Anthony Evans
  14. Background Ft. C-Lite
  15. New Reality Ft. Chinua Hawk
  16. Release Date Ft. Chris Lee
  17. I Love You Ft. Chris Lee (Bonus Track)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE "Children of the Light"!!!! I hope I get to hear the rest of the album soon! :)

Mike said...

Woah! Now I REALLY want to hear this album! I LOVED "Rebel." Maybe sometime I'll buy that. :)

Justin Morden said...

@Jay Yeah, that was my favorite off the album! You should really listen to the rest and then I can read your review for it. :)

@Mike I'm glad that my review helped raise your interest! If you loved Rebel, then you'll love Rehab!

Josh said...

Good album review I enjoyed it and I got to get this album as soon as I can :)

Justin Morden said...

Thanks, Josh! You should. It's really good. :)