Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Artist Alert: Skillet's single "Awake and Alive" hits #1 on Mainstream Active Rock Radio!

"Awake and Alive" has become Skillet's first single to reach #1 on Mainstream Active Rock Radio! John Cooper commented concerning this news saying, "You know, the ride we've been on with this album has just been beyond incredible, and to have this song in particular hit #1 makes it even more so since it's about living what you believe. For it to have become such a hit, well, it's just beyond anything I could have imagined." To read the full story, go here to Skillet's announcement on their Facebook page.


Josh said...

That is awesome news :) it is a awesome song from Skillet :) I am glad it is doing well on mainstream rock radio :)

Mike said...


Justin Morden said...

@Josh Yeah, it's one of my favorites from Awake.

@Mike :D I take it that you're excited. lol