Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free Music: "Made for You" by Building 429

Building 429 is releasing a new album on May 10, 2011. The record will be called Listen to the Sound, and you can get one of the tracks right now for free! That's right! Go here and like their Facebook page to download "Made for You" for free! Thanks to Jay's Music Blog for the tips! Also, you may notice that Building 429 has a new bassist named Aaron Branch! And don't forget to go their website to listen to their title track "Listen to the Sound" which is available for download on iTunes.


Josh said...

Awesome song from Building 429 I love it I have listened to it twice already :) I thought you would post about the free song for Shine Your Glory Down by Rebecca St James I am guessing that is coming along with the listening party for her new album called I Will Praise You :)

Justin Morden said...

Oh I actually didn't realize that she was giving a song away for free! Thanks for the tips, man! I'll post about it now. :)