Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Album Review: "I Will Praise You" by Rebecca St. James

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Genre: Praise and Worship/Adult Contemporary

After a full six years of hiatus from album releases, Rebecca St. James finally returns with a new album and as an engaged woman! The announcement of the new album was almost as exciting as the announcement of her engagement. In I Will Praise You, Rebecca returns to the Praise and Worship style of her earlier album Worship God, arguably her most successful album to date. This time, however, most of the songs on the album are written by her and longtime fans of Rebecca may notice that her voice seems to have matured as well. But the real question is, after so many years away from song writing, will Rebecca St. James be able to show that she has not lost her skills and succeed in giving us another great album? That question I asked myself and will now answer in my review of I Will Praise by Rebecca St. James.

The album starts off with the title track "I Will Praise You" in which Rebecca St. James expresses her strong desire to praise God. She sings in the chorus, "Whatever the storm, whatever is lost, whatever it takes, whatever the cost, I will praise You!" The second track is Rebecca's own cover of the popular worship song "You Never Let Go" written by Matt Redman. I think she does a great job
in this song and it goes very well with the rest of the album.

Next up is the first single released by Rebecca St. James-"Shine Your Glory Down." Rebecca talks about God shining His light into and through our lives. She asks Him in the song to shine His glory down on us, but the best line comes in the bridge when she sings "I do not walk in darkness. I will not live in fear. I'll walk in Your light." Not surprisingly, this is one of my favorites from the album.

"You Still Amaze Me" is a slower song, but the lyrics are even better. The song is entirely about the Lord's grace, and Rebecca sings about how amazing it is to her, saying that "Your cross is still bringing me to my knees, Oh God." Following the song is "In A Moment" which has beautiful chorus and talks about Jesus's return to earth. Rebecca encourages listeners to imagine the sight of it all and everyone singing "Alleluia" to the Lord! I can guarantee that you will be wanting to keep listening to the chorus, especially the bridge and end chorus.

The next song "The Kindness of Our God" sounds like a hymn, but is written by Rebecca herself. It is very well written and well done and talks about all Christ went through for us. "When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor)" is another song cover actually written by Jonathan Lee. Again, it is about the Day of the Lord and how we will praise Him "Singing blessing and honor, glory and power, forever to our God." Her cover of "Almighty God" which is cowritten by Jason Ingram follows and is basically about God being our fortress.

In her cover of Hillsong's "Hold Me Now", Rebecca sings about what it will be like to finally be in heaven with God, focusing on how we will feel no more pain or suffering anymore. Finally, she ends the album with the soft song "You Make Everything Beautiful." It is a great finish to the album as she talks about God beautifying her soul and making everything beautiful.

Rebecca St. James does not fail to pull off with another great album! The music in the songs are good, but what really makes this album great are the lyrics. Rebecca really put in a lot of feeling into writing the lyrics for her songs, and she chooses great songs to cover in the album that go smoothly with the rest of the album. In short, this album mainly talks about the glory of God and the Day of the Lord. All contemporary and worship music fans will really enjoy it and definitely give it many replays!

Top 3 Songs
  1. In A Moment
  2. Shine Your Glory Down
  3. I Will Praise You

  1. I Will Praise You
  2. You Never Let Go
  3. Shine Your Glory Down
  4. You Still Amaze Me
  5. In a Moment
  6. The Kindness of Our God
  7. When the Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor)
  8. Almighty God
  9. You Hold Me Now
  10. You Make Everything Beautiful


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the album! Can I just say that this is a fantabulous review? :)

Josh said...

Good album review for her latest worship album :) I love her new worship album I listened to it on the listening party before I got the album for free with winning that cool contest :) Anyways I would highly recommend you checking out her first album called Worship God that she did with Forefront Records. It is a real good worship album with her own worship songs and also cover songs too. Check it out as soon as you can.

Jesselyn said...

Your detailed review would make anyone interested in listening to this album. I loved your usage of adjectives too!

Justin Morden said...

@Jay Thanks man! Wouldn't have been able to review it if I hadn't won it off your giveaway tho! :)

@Josh I'll definitely have to check it out. Her music is really good!

@Jess Thanks a lot, Jess! That's very encouraging to me!

Josh said...

I am glad you will be checking out her Worship God album as it is a good worship album. Her last studio album called If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something featured tobyMac on Thank You and BarlowGirl on Forgive Me which are two awesome albums. Her Alive In Flordia CD/DVD is real awesome too. I hope you check out her albums as soon as you can :)

Lifeblood said...

I listened to Rebecca St. James a long while ago. I did not realize she was still writing. After listening to the top three songs listed here I think that she hasn't lost her talent but that most of her fan base has moved on and that I'm not sure if she'll rise above the other gospel sings or fade into the background.