Monday, May 2, 2011

New Email Subscription Feature!

First I would like to thank all of you for supporting my blog! Last month, more viewers came to read my blog and the number of views for the month doubled from March to April! Thank you to everyone who invited their friends or advertised my blog. I really appreciate it. I now have a new subscription feature installed! I came to the realization that quite a few people who read my blog to do not have a gmail account or do not use it enough. Thus, they are unable to follow my blog and get updates on blogger. Well, Justin's Christian Music Spot now has an Email Subscribe feature! This can be found on the left sidebar by scrolling down a little ways. Then, just type in your email address and you will get updates for all the new posts on this blog. Thanks again, and please don't stop telling your friends about Justin's Christian Music Spot!


Josh said...

Awesome new feature I love it I am sure I won't do it since your blog is in my favorties so I can see it any time I want to :)

Mike said...

Cool! Glad to hear the views going up! (Love the Scripture on the side, too!) :)