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Album Review: "I'm All In" by Robert Pierre

I'm All In by Robert Pierre | CD Reviews And Information |
Genre: Pop/Worship
Rating: 4/5 Stars

I will admit that I am new to Robert Pierre's music. The first "album" I heard by him was the Robert Pierre EP I reviewed for this blog earlier this year. Though I have not heard much of Robert Pierre's music, many of my friends have, and said some great things about him. This made me very interested in hearing his music, and after learning more about him, I was surprised at how successful this 18-year-old man already was. He leads worship on Sunday mornings for his 800-member church in Orlando, Florida, and only just graduated from High School last May!! Robert Pierre has already released two full albums and will release a new album I'm All In on July 26th, which I shall now give you my take on.

I'm All In kicks off with the title track, an upbeat song about God being the peace, joy, and love inside us. Pierre sings that he wants to be "all in" with God and says that the Lord's love is "overwhelming." The following track "Who R U" is very guitar-driven and demands the answer to the question "Who are you?": are you on God's side or not? "Are you standing on the truth when opposition stand against you?"

"Light the Way" is a slower, more worshipful, tune that is very encouraging and reminds Christian that when we are going through trying times, God is always there to help us. The chorus contains
uplifting lyrics: "When I can't see my next step/Your love will light the way/When the path I'm on is all but gone/Your love will light the way." God's greatness and power are the main focus in "Maker of the Stars." In the bridge, Pierre mentions that life gets tough for him, but sings, "I know that I'm safe/cause here in your arms, Lord, forever I'll stay."

The worship song "Be Lifted Up" is fully about God being greater than all things. The first line in the song states of God, "Perfect, Holy/nothing compares to You." "Stranger in this Land" talks about how we Christians are not of this world and are persecuted for our belief. We are "stranger[s] in this land," but as Robert Pierre sings, "No matter what comes my way/I'll be okay.../Cause You got me in Your hand." Pierre then gives a call to everyone in "Silent Cry" to "stand up, unite" to help those suffering in this world. Until someone listens to the silent cry of these people and makes an effort to support them, the world will not change.

An acoustic guitar is the main instrument in "Sing for Joy," a song about praising the Lord when surrounded by darkness, light, and in heaven itself! The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of someone worshiping God in three different situations, but in all times, he sings "for the joy...of the Lord." Some techno is mixed into the music in "Greater is He." In the song, it is declared that God is greater than anything we may face in life, so there is no reason to fear.

The title of the next track, "Dead to Sin," tells all that the song is about. In this upbeat and catchy track, Pierre sings that he is indeed dead to sin and no longer needs to act in a sinful nature, for he has been transformed; this statement is one that is true to all Christians. The album ends with the soft melody "Trust in You" in which Pierre simply states that he will follow God wherever He leads him. Though Pierre may not always know the reasons for God's commands, he will continue to trust in the Lord Who has never failed him, nor any of us.

Robert Pierre offers entertainment, encouragement, and praise all in one package. Christians can relate to his songs very well and will be sure to find uplifting lyrics in his music. I found Pierre to be a good singer who has a bright future ahead of him. Though his lyrics seem to be a little too simple in some songs, they still have strong themes and topics. I enjoyed his worship songs the most and can see that
that is where he is strongest songwriting-wise. Robert Pierre is sure to mature into a wonderful worship leader and music artist.

Top 3 Songs
  1. Light The Way
  2. Be Lifted Up
  3. Sing for Joy
  1. I'm All In
  2. Who R U
  3. Light The Way
  4. Maker of the Stars
  5. Be Lifted Up
  6. Stranger in this Land
  7. Silent Cry
  8. Sing for Joy
  9. Greater is He
  10. Dead to Sin
  11. Trust in You

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