Monday, July 11, 2011

Song/Video of the Week: "Just Like You" by Lecrae

One of the favorites off Lecrae's hit album Rehab was the single "Just Like You." The song talks about Lecrae trying to find a father figure whom he can look up to and try to be like. However, when he was younger he looked to the wrong people for role models. Finally, when he became a Christian, God became that father figure for him. This music video for "Just Like You" is tied in with Lecrae and other Reach Record artists's new project Man Up. To find out more about this project, go to the official website:


Renee said...

That was a really good music video! I love how Lecrae's lyrics are always promoting godliness! There aren't many artists like him. Thanks for posting :)

Justin Morden said...

I really liked it as well! And I also admire Lecrae for writing Christian lyrics in all his songs.

The Other Alice said...

Man, I've never been a fan of rap music, but Lecrae's lyrics are great... I hope a lot of young men hear this. Makes me want to cry!! Agh!