Thursday, August 25, 2011

Artist Alert: Newsboys Giving Away 200 Copies of Upcoming Worship Album

Newsboys is giving away 200 copies of their upcoming worship album to 200 lucky fans! The worship album God's Not Dead will be released on November 15, 2011, but you could win a copy of it by going here and entering your information. Before you sign up for that contest, please first note that although the giveaway is being promoted by Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips, it is not being held on Newsboys's website. It is instead being held on the official website of "The Music Boat," a Christian Music cruise that will be featuring big Christian music artists such as Chris Tomlin and MercyMe and is being hosted by the Newsboys. The cruise will set sail November 7-11 of this year and you can go to their website to reserve your spot. Anyway, to register for the giveaway, you must give your email address, mailing address, and cell phone number. However, there is no privacy policy posted on that page, so I have no idea about the security of your information. I just wanted to let you know about that since I am advertising the contest on my blog and do not want to be blamed at all for any negative outcomes from it.


CoUrTnEy said...

Sweet I didn't know about this giveaway!

Josh said...

I entered it a long time ago. I hope to win as they got the title track of the new album as a radio single. Looking forward to hearing that songs and other songs from the new album too.