Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Music: "Light the Way" by Robert Pierre

Robert Pierre - I'm All InLast week, I reviewed Robert Pierre's new album I'm All In. In case you do not remember or just have not read it yet, my number one song on the album was "Light the Way." Well, newreleasetuesday.com is currently offering this week a free download of that song on their website! First, you must be registered on the site which is easy and free. Go here to register and then head over to the free music page and scroll down to find the Robert Pierre download. Be sure to check out the other free downloads NRT is offering right now as well!


Josh said...

Good song from Robert Pierre. I like it. I did download it too.

Justin Morden said...

I really enjoyed it too. have you heard any of the rest of the album yet?