Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Artist Alert: Shonlock Departs From TobyMac's Diverse City Band For Solo Career

At the end of this month, Shonlock will no longer be a member of the Diverse City Band, TobyMac's touring crew. After his success with his full-length debut album NEVERODDOREVEN, it is no surprise that Shonlock has decided to switch to a full-time solo career. The singles "Something In Your Eyes" and "Hello" have both reached the tops of charts with the former holding the #1 spot on Billboard's CHR Chart for seven weeks in a row! Shonlock will begin touring with Group 1 Crew, Rachel Lampa, and Rapture Ruckus in the "Outta Space Love Tour" for the remainder of the year. go here to view tour dates and see when Shonlock will be coming near your town!

Listen to Shonlock's hit single "Something In Your Eyes" on the Youtube player below! :)


Mike said...

I think this could open him up to a lot more, since he's going solo. Though he'll be missed in the Diverse City band. :)

Justin Morden said...

Definitely! This will surely boost his career and popularity. Also, by touring with other bands, he can gain a larger fan base. :)

Josh said...

It is good he doing his own solo stuff. He will be missing in the Diverse City band. I love the solo stuff he has done already. Something In Your Eyes is one of my favorites from him along with Hello.