Friday, December 30, 2011

Album Review: "Rehab: The Overdose" by Lecrae

Release Date: January 11, 2011
Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Lecrae made a strong name of himself and of Christian Hip Hop when he released his hit album Rehab. The album proved to all doubters that Christian Hip Hop is not a genre to pass up on. Surprisingly, Lecrae released his following album just a few months afterwards and forms the Rehab series. The first question many will ask when seeing the Rehab: The Overdose album title is whether this album is just a collection of B-Side songs off Rehab. However, the album proves to be much more than that.

The opener and title check "Overdose" instantly gets the listener pumped up and is an introduction to the album, just as "Check In" was for Rehab. It mentions someone being on the overdose and needing to be checked into rehab. In the fierce tempoed "More," Lecrae sings to God that he wants
more of the Lord's love, mercy, and grace. He also sings in the first verse, "I was worthless I was dead, foul, nasty, dirty/.../But your spirit hit me, it gave me new direction/.../Now your presence is my treasure, never-ending."

"Battle Song" is a standout on the album, featuring Suzy Rock, an excited beat, and the topic of standing strong for our faith. A strong statement comes in the end of the first verse: "And fo' His [Jesus] name I withstand the pressure and take the pain/And if they drop us, this promise, we'll take it to the grave/ That tonight we may die, but to die is our gain!" The next song "Anger Management" relates to people who have trouble controlling their anger, and it encourages us to keep from letting the anger getting the best of us and to turn to God for help in this. "Blow Your High" is directed towards someone who is caught in the web of Satan which Lecrae relates to being "high" on drugs. Lecrae states that "Christ is the only way you ever gonna 'scape" and spends the song singing about this.

The lyrics in "Strung Out" remind me of those in "Killa" from Rehab. Lecrae seems to be singing to someone full of lies and who creates temptations for him. As Lecrae says during the bridge, do not love the world of things in it, for those who love the world cannot have the love of God in them. Additionally, while the world will pass away, God does not, and "whoever does the will of God lives forever." After an instrumental intro, "Chase That (Ambition)" begins in which Lecrae talks about some of his life experiences and feelings. Though he once followed the way of the world of wanting fame for himself, he learns to give glory to God and live for Jesus.

A rather slow beat in "The Good Life" signifies the album's near ending. It talks about someone who seems to have everything he needs ("What he need God for? He got money to the Heavens") but despite all that he has, he still needs God. This theme goes for the rest of us as well; we all need the Lord in our lives. "Like That" is definitely one of my favorites on the album, and it reaches out to the female fans of Lecrae. He warns women to be on their guard against men who will fake love to them but really just want to use them for their own pleasure. Instead of constantly searching for love from a man, remember that God loves you, and that is the greatest love you can receive. Finally, "Going In" completes the album with the topic of looking ahead to the day when we will be in heaven with the Lord.

Upon finishing listening to Rehab: The Overdose, the album certainly seems to be a package of songs that did not make it onto the Rehab album. However, the two albums compliment each other well, and though some of the songs on this record are not as great as the ones on the previous record, this album is still definitely worth the buy! As of now, the retail price is a low $9.99 which gives you ten (and a half) new songs to listen to by Lecrae. Moreover, some of the songs, such as "Like That," are on my list of all-time Lecrae favorites. In short, Rehab: The Overdose is an album all Lecrae and Christian Hip Hop fans need to have!

Top 3 Songs
  1. Like That
  2. Battle Song
  3. More
  1. Overdose
  2. More
  3. Battle Song
  4. Anger Management
  5. Blow Your High
  6. Strung Out
  7. Chase That Intro
  8. Chase That (Ambition)
  9. The Good Life
  10. Like That
  11. Going In 


Josh said...

Good album review from Lecrae. I got this album and it is a real awesome album from Lecrae. I also got his Rebel album and it is also real awesome album too. If you haven't heard the Rebel album then check it out as soon as you can. Also check out We Fit The Workout Plan by K-Drama as it is a real awesome album if you haven't heard of K-Drama or his music before.

Justin Morden said...

Thanks for the feedback, Josh! I have heard some of Rebel and it has some really good songs off it. As for the other, I have not heard it yet so I'll have to check it out.

Jesselyn said...

Glad to see another impressive review up, Justin! Good work!

Justin Morden said...

@Jesselyn Thanks, Jess! I really enjoyed reviewing this one. :)