Thursday, January 19, 2012

Artist Alert: David Crowder*Band's "Give Us Rest" is No. 1 New Album in the Country

David Crowder*Band's final album Give Us Rest hit No. 1 for all new albums in the country! Here is the official report:

NEWS SOURCE: The M Collective
January 18, 2012

Nashville, Tenn. Jan. 18, 2012… … Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of All Keys]) sold over 50,000 copies in its first week making it the No. 2 record in the country behind Adele’s 21, and the No. 1 new album on the charts. With a nearly constant No. 1 hold on the iTunes ® Overall Albums chart, Give Us Rest offers David Crowder*Band the highest chart and sales debut of their over decade long career.

“We have been really happy to hear and read the responses to the album,” remarks Crowder. “You make a thing and you hope it will mean something and be useful to someone else and to see such a positive reaction so early, well, we thought we couldn’t be happier about it. But then, when I got a phone call letting me know that we were debuting at number two on Billboard, I think, as far as memory serves, I pointed to the sky, yelled something, then un-ironically, with the purest of heart, totally Tebowed right in the middle of the street I had unknowingly wandered into.”

In what has been hailed an “epic,” “captivating” and “most artistic” final effort from the GRAMMY ® nominees, reviews have applauded the 34 track, double-disc album and full career of David Crowder*Band.

"One of Christian music's least predictable bands closes out a decade-long career. The group's final album, patterned after a Requiem Mass, contains nearly two hours of music. Give Us Rest's 34 tracks encompass raw recordings and elaborately constructed arrangements ranging from U2-like worship songs to pseudo-choral music to bluegrass-y gospel hymns." - USA Today

"Their most artistic project… Complexity, and simplicity. Deliberately arranging sound, emotion, intellect and vision. Doing more than pulling out a set of songs and putting them on a CD. DC*B’s contribution was also their journey. Give Us Rest is their coup de grace. Well done, David Crowder*Band, it’s time to take your rest." - Worship Leader

"It's an honest plea from a man who almost single-handedly redefined modern worship for the 21st century, which certainly was no easy task. But before stepping away from the microphone for good, Crowder showed exactly why he and his bandmates are in need of a rest, by creating an exhaustingly epic, double-disc album…. Give Us Rest sounds exactly as a ‘final album’ should. It is a Mount Everest of worship rock albums, never to be topped. For over a decade, David Crowder created some of the most creatively inspired worship music in the world, and now he deserves his rest." -

"A captivating offering… the band’s crowning achievement in a career of exuberant, cerebral accomplishments… In the end, joy becomes the lasting note of this album, and perhaps the legacy of the career of this gone-too-soon band." -

"From track one to thirty-four it is nothing short of an amazing experience. 5 Stars" -

"an epic blaze of musical glory… a memento of its career" –

Give Us Rest contains nearly two hours of music constructed in the outline of a Requiem Mass. The track listing even reads like a liturgy. It begins with The Entrance (or, the introit), a segment of three songs, then segues into The Plea (or, the kyrie), a section of three more songs, and then The Plight (or, the gradual and the tract), a sequence of six songs, and so on, all the way through The Absolution (or, the libere me and the paridisum), a string of six tracks to close out the album—and their 12-year run.

David Crowder*Band gave their final performance at Passion 2012 in front of over 42,000 college students, live at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta. Just months earlier, the band completed a nearly 100% sold out headlining tour. Announced initially to their fans, David Crowder*Band revealed their final plans in early 2011. To read the original statement, click

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