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Album Review: "Dangerous" by KJ-52

Release Date: April 3, 2012
Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 4/5 Stars

KJ-52 has had much experience in the Christian hip hop industry, but some may be surprised to hear that Dangerous is already number eight in his list of full albums. The rapper sure has come a long way since his early releases and is now a highly recognized and respected artist. Dangerous focuses on the theme of our lives being changed for the better after coming to know the Lord. For those who have not heard much of KJ’s music, this album will easily demonstrate the rapper’s talents both in rapping and songwriting.

The album opener “It’s Going Down” features Canton Jones and launches off the record with a rush of excitement that will get the listener moving to the music immediately. While singing lyrics like “We come to party, it’s going down / We come to party, now jump around,” KJ-52 specifies the reason behind his dancing: Christ has set him free. One of the bigger highlights off the record is “They Like Me” which features Grammy-nominated hip hop veteran Lecrae. In the song, the two rappers sing about how there should not need to be
any separation between people just because of the colors of their skin. Lecrae states, “And we don’t just relate, we all related through the Lamb/ ...And we are all the same cause you need Him like me.”

KJ-52 proclaims God to be his superhero in the very upbeat song “Superhero” in which KJ, when calling himself Superman, refers to sin as his kryptonite. In the final verse, he talks about how Jesus died for us, and says You’re the Great I Am, plus You’re the super friend.” The title track is slower than the previous songs, but with strings combined with the drums and electric guitar, it sounds more beautiful than its predecessors. “Facemelt” speeds up the rhythm again as the rapper sings about how the Lord came into his life and changed him for the better.

“Shake ‘Em Up” begins with preacher Scott Dawson stating that not only does God want us to one day live with Him in heaven, but He also wants to use our lives for His purposes while we are still here on earth. During the song, KJ-52 and guest rapper This’l sing that men are sick with sin and need Jesus in their lives to heal them, and we all need to seek the Lord. “Do The Bill Cosby” is a fun song that features George Moss and is definitely the lightest side of the album. Another slower track from the record, “So Far Apart” features Emily from rock band Shine Bright Baby who provides beautiful vocals. In the song, KJ-52 speaks to someone who has fallen away from God, but as he states, it is never too late to come back. “God is knocking on the door, let Him in.”

The message in “Brand New Day” is that since we have been saved by Christ, we no longer need to look at our past sins but can instead look ahead to the next day, for we have been changed. Hip Hop group Rhema Soul joins KJ-52 in “Speed That Light” which encourages Christians to shine the light of God in our lives, as is directed to us from Jesus in Matthew 5:16. In “That Was My Life,” KJ and guest singer Dre Murray talk about the change that occurred in their lives when they came to know Jesus Christ. KJ-52 closes the album in an interesting way, using Hillsong United’s worship song “Go” from the album Aftermath. KJ adds a dance flavor, and even an extra hip hop verse or two, to the song. I found this upbeat track to be a great finish to the record!

KJ-52 does not disappoint in Dangerous, with strong beats and lyrics full of great rhymes and themes. Not only are the upbeat tracks good, but the slower songs like “Dangerous” and “So Far Apart” are amazing as well, displaying KJ’s musical versatility. Perhaps the only downside that could found in the album is that with all the great tracks on it, many fans will want it to last even longer! Thanks to this solid album from KJ-52, Hip Hop fans who give this one a listen (as they all should) will immediately be looking forward to KJ’s next release!

Top 3 Songs
  1. It's Going Down
  2. Dangerous
  3. They Like Me (ft. Lecrae)
  1. It's Going Down (ft. Canton Jones)
  2. They Like Me (ft. Lecrae)
  3. Superhero
  4. Dangerous
  5. Facemelt
  6. Shake 'Em Up (ft. This'l)
  7. Do The Billy Cosby (ft. George Moss)
  8. So Far Apart (ft. Emily from Shine Bright Baby)
  9. Brand New Day
  10. Speed That Light (ft. Rhema Soul)
  11. That Was My Life (ft. Dre Murray)
  12. Go

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