Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Song/Video of the Week: "Church Clothes" by Lecrae

This week's choice for song/video may be a little surprising to some people despite the fact that the song's artist is Christian hip-hop veteran Lecrae. "Church Clothes" is the lead single and title track to Lecrae's upcoming mixtape which releases May 10th. (If you haven't downloaded your free copy of this song, go here to find out how to do so.) However, this mixtape is directed towards the mainstream audience (i.e. non-Christians). This song is spoken from the voice of someone who does not go to church and feels that he can justify his sinful ways due to the hypocrisy in the Christian church. For Christians, this song could be seen as a wake up call to direct attention to some churches where this hypocrisy does indeed exist. Get ready, because this song gets really deep.


Jesselyn said...

Good song! I think he made some really good points.

Bible verse of the Day said...

Your blog has some great info. And this new song should help to hit home with some non-believers, or maybe even backslidden Christians. The church as a whole has fallen far during the past decade. Hypocrisy is everywhere, but God hasn't changed.

I also like the fact that you post weekly Bible verses. We actually offer a Daily Bible verse that people can subscribe to and receive in their email each day. We have been able to help a lot of people doing this. Be blessed in all you do.

Justin Morden said...

Thanks for the kinds words, Bible verse of the Day! Your comment is very encouraging and I appreciate it. Your daily bible verse is a great mission and I just subscribed to them. :)