Friday, June 29, 2012

Album Review: "The Revolution" by Lil Prophet

Label: Real Word Records
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Genre: Hip Hop
Rating: 4/5 stars

Lil Prophet, born Ryan Kelsie, is a young, 24-year-old hip-hop artist from Tampa, Florida.  With a degree in Biblical Studies, Lil Prophet’s mission is to preach the gospel through his music.  His new release, The Revolution, focuses on the topic of us Christians truly making a difference in our lives.  Lil Prophet describes a “revolution” as being the “daily renewing of your mind and spirit….  This album will challenge the believer to come to grips with their daily actions and thoughts.”
“Welcome You In” opens The Revolution with Lil Prophet rapping about having to “revolutionize” from his old ways and become new in Jesus.  The track has a great beat and serves as a solid opening to the album.  This is followed by “New Changed” in which Mehlek Pfisha joins Lil Prophet in talking about Christ’s sacrifice as well as the change in their lives.  “I’m changed / Said I don’t do them things I used to do my mind has been renewed.”
Lil Prophet gets very serious and deep in “Brainwashed” where he raps about the brainwashing we receive from the media.  He reminds us to follow God, not the influences that surround us.  The topic of “Fatherhood” is quite convicting as Lil Prophet tells men to support their families and help raise their children.  Furthermore, men are to love
women not for their bodies but for the glory it will bring to God.  Lil Prophet speaks of God’s tremendous love for us in “Love Song,” and states, “I feel welcome to proclaim a God that loved me even though I hated all three of them.”
The title track “Revolution” is an upbeat anthem urging the listener to “revolutionize your heart, mind, body, and soul.”  This is sure to be one of the most exciting songs for fans to see live!  In “The Principle,” Lil Prophet reminds us that we must show love to others, for we have been created to love just as the Lord loves us.  “God showed us love / When we showed Him our backs / So the least we could do / Is love others like that.”
“We Are United” has a soft sound, but its lyrics are exciting as Lil Prophet raps that we are all united under God.  With this on our mind, we can be confident that the Lord protects us, and that we must let Him work our lives.  My favorite line comes when Lil Prophet says, “I’ll be the clay while that big man up there He be the Potter.”  The topic of making a change in our lives is again brought up in “Renewed” which also mentions bearing fruit and warns us not to conform to the ways of the world.

Lil Prophet refers to living for God’s name as being “back on my game” in “GAME.”  He also lets us know that he is not at all ashamed of it.  “I got no shame when I’m living for His name / And that’s all I need and that’s all I want.”  “Heart of Courage” has a slower beat, but one that is thrilling nonetheless.  It is exciting to hear Lil Prophet and guest artist Pettidee proclaim their courage when facing attack from the evil and troubles around them.  Their courage comes from the Lord, Who conquered death: “He overcame / So I can overcome.”  The album closes with “I’m On,” a song in which Lil Prophet rejoices for the fact that he has been saved by Christ.  He raps about praising God and says, “There’s nothing they can do / Nothing that they can say /  Can ever take the love I have for my King.”
Ephesians 4:23 (NIV) tells us “to be made new in the attitude of your minds.”  This verse is reflected throughout the entirety of The Revolution with songs that make the listener feel both convicted and encouraged.  Lil Prophet is solid in this new album, which, with the great beats and lyrics it has, should gain a lot of recognition for the young artist.  Simply put, The Revolution is a record that just cannot be passed up by hip-hop fans!
Be sure to get your copy of the album here!

  1. Revolution ft. KAS
  2. Heart of Courage ft. Pettidee
  3. Fatherhood ft. Jeremiah Bonds
  1. Welcome You In
  2. I'm Changed ft. Mehlek Pfisha
  3. Brainwashed ft. Kambino & Yaves
  4. Fatherhood ft. Jeremiah Bonds
  5. Love Song
  6. Revolution ft. KAS
  7. The Principle ft. Kelly Kelz
  8. We Are United ft. Ryan Horton
  9. Renewed
  10. GAME
  11. Heart of Courage ft. Pettidee
  12. I'm On ft. Rawsrvnt

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