Monday, August 6, 2012

Album Review: "When Dawn Breaks" by Without A Poet

Release Date: March 30, 2012
Genre: Post Harmonic Indie Rock
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Without A Poet is a new Christian rock group from Eugene-Springfield, Oregon. The band consists of Andrew Beaird (Lead vocals/Guitar), Joshua Rainey (Drums), Seth Magee (BGV/Guitar), Andrew Causey (BGV/Bass), and Jordan Poet (BGV/Keys) who refer to their style of music as Post Harmonic Indie Rock. Founded in 2010, Without A Poet released its debut EP When Dawn Breaks in March of 2012.

When Dawn Breaks opens with “Can’t Be Won” which features a lot of guitar-plucking as Andrew sings about falling to the pleasures of life, calling himself weak. The first thing I noticed about this song was Andrew’s amazing voice which listeners will be sure to enjoy. Towards the end of the song, he sings “Am I doomed to walk alone, or are You with me?” I think this is something many Christians find themselves asking God at some point in their spiritual journey, and the answer is that God is always there to help us. In “Product,” the band admits the times they have failed, saying, “We have all wandered farther from Your will.” They then ask of the Lord to “show Your goodness still” amidst their failure.

“Aston’s Blindness” talks about the blindness we have that causes us to sin, but during the chorus, the band sings of dawn breaking and daylight coming to clear our minds. The next song “The Voyage” is a slower
song than its predecessors, and its title refers to the journey of life we all take. Andrew sings of a grey past that is keeping someone from feeling comfort. He closes the song encouragingly singing about heaven, where we will be saved from the “never ending grey.” In “Underground, Understate, I Understand,” Andrew sings in confusion about feeling like a stranger in the land he is in while longing for the day he will be taken “home.”

From left to right: Seth Magee, Joshua Rainey, Andrew Causey, Andrew Beaird and Jordan Poet
The album takes on a more worshipful approach, starting with “Saved My Life (Psalms 42)” in which the band sing “I will put my hope in Jesus / I will find my peace in His sacrifice /…/Knowing He’s the one that saved my life.” They call out to everyone else, saying, “Now to all who are weary / Come to Him Who gives you rest.” Then, in “All Because Of You,” the band praises God for His mercy and might. The piano-driven “Created By Design” closes the album with the group singing of someone who does not know what he has been created for. Without A Poet assures us that we have all been created by design.

After one listen of When Dawn Breaks, I immediately could tell that this band is truly talented. As stated earlier in this review, the lead singer Andrew has a great voice, and even people who are not fans of rock music would have to agree. All together, the band does a great job musically, and their lyrics are quite deep as well. Rock music fans will certainly enjoy listening to this EP from Without A Poet which, with eight full tracks and being over 45 minutes long, is almost a full album in itself!

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  1. Product
  2. Saved My Life
  3. Can't Be Won
  1. Can't Be Won
  2. Product
  3. Aston's Blindness
  4. The Voyage
  5. Underground, Understand, I Understate
  6. Saved My Life
  7. All Because Of You
  8. Created By Design

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